I’ve found out that there are basically 3 types of goals that a person might try to achieve.  Here’s why two of them will never work.
A type goals are the goals that you know how to get.  I equate it to “The Honey-Do List”.  They are goals that somebody else gives you and there is no real pressure or time line to accomplish them.  They have no inspiration and usually the motivation to do them is to get the person that gave it to you off your back.
B type goals are the ones that you think you can get.  You have an idea that you want to achieve and you set out and make a plan to go get it and you start planning and planning and you slowly loose inspiration and at the first sign of trouble you turn your back on it and give yourself the excuses that it wasn’t meant to be or it would be financially constraining or some such other idea.
C type goals on the other hand are those goals that you really, really want.  It’s something that you’ve never done before.  You only achieve this ONE TIME.  The whole purpose to a goal is to allow you to grow and to express yourself.  If you’re not growing you’re disintegrating.  That’s the whole purpose of life is to seek out larger expression and awareness.  When you find out what your C type goal is you become aware of your purpose.  When you’re doing what you want to do in order to achieve that goal then you are on your purpose and you will feel alive and fulfilled.  It won’t be work.  It’ll be FUN!  The end result of achieving the goal isn’t matters, it’s the journey along the path that makes us feel fulfilled that counts.
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