I found out that the word “Feeling” is the word we invented that means conscious awareness of the vibration our body is in. The vibration for love is much different than the vibration of hate. It is palpable. All the feelings vibrate differently. I also found out that it’s my own thoughts that cause the feelings I’m having by setting my body into some vibration other than what it vibrates at normally. Therefore, when a circumstance arises that causes me to feel some emotion that I don’t like or want to have, I can stop and ask “What are the thoughts I am having that cause this feeling?” Then I sit back, look at the circumstance objectively and that’s when I can change the thought and control the vibration my body is in. We are all in control of 100% of our thinking. The question is are we aware of what it is we are thinking? If we are aware then we can choose what to think and we can accomplish anything.


Today I choose to feel STELLAR and the circumstances that arise during my day may cause moments of emotional discord but I know there will be little to nothing that will bring me down to a feeling that is short of being STELLAR!

I hope you choose to have a STELLAR week.  Heck, a STELLAR life!  I’ve learned how to do this and I’ve taken charge of my life.  Anyone can learn this too.  Think about how this applies to your work, home, business and particularly your life.  Is it time for you to start Thinking Into Results?  Contact me and let’s get started by having a free 30 minute consultation.