Create your self-image of success and there is no stopping you

Have you ever wondered why it is that most people do not succeed in life? It’s because their self-image doesn’t allow them to believe that they can have what they want and do what they would love to do all day long. Societal conditioning, conditioning from parents, who mean well but didn’t know better, and from a barrage of influences in their lives caused them to believe that they have limitations. This self-image of limitation is what causes people to fail or get stuck in a rut of

Children grow up mimicking what it is their parents, siblings and other influences do. The limiting thoughts are passed from generation to generation. When you’re little you’re like a sponge. You’re higher faculty of reason hasn’t developed to the point where you can decide what you like or don’t like. The food you like to eat is exactly what your parents conditioned you to like because they fed you exactly what it is that they like. When you grow up learning that you have to work hard to have what you want and work even harder to have more, the limitations are set into your subconscious mind and you act accordingly. Did you know that you’re passing those thoughts of limitation to your offspring?

What if we allow school children to use their imagination? What if we allow them to imagine that they are capable of great and glorious things and support them all the way? What if we allow them to imagine what their ideal life would look like and what they’d want to have? What if we encourage them to pursue their dreams? What if we take the report card and turn it into a goal card? The report card serves only one purpose and that is to document how well a student can recall information on a specific day at a specific time. Then we use that report card to gauge how well student will progress. We allow the report card to tell the student where to focus their energy in order to have a job working at what they learned to do. The report card syndrome is probably the worst possible gauge that could be used. The only thing that holds anyone back from achieving all that they want is their self-image. Having a report card that says “Because you couldn’t remember every single thing that you were taught, you cannot be more than…….”

What if what is being taught to a student holds ZERO interest for the student? What if the student is a painter or a musician? The ability to read and write would be important for them. Maybe they’re interested in reading so that they can come up with some excellent lyrics or images for their paintings. But what good would testing their ability to memorize things do for them? Wouldn’t it be better to show them how to translate what they’ve read into art? What if we allow them to choose what it is they want or want to be? What if we supply them with the knowledge that will help them achieve their goals?

Everything that is currently in existence and anything that will come into existence was and will be created in the imagination first. Edison imagined a device that would replace candles and dangerous gas lamps and would be found in every household in the world. We now have highly efficient and inexpensive lights illuminating the darkness for us. President John Kennedy imagined landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. The Wright Brothers imagined manned flight now we are capable of flying great distances in very short periods of time. Elon Musk created PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla motors. Manoj Bhargava gave us 5 Hour Energy drinks and then went on to create Stage 2 Innovations where engineers are building amazing machines. Look at how imagination helps humanity.

If we allow young adults to imagine all they want and let them create the goal that they want to have they can then decide what knowledge that they need to get exactly what they want. They can choose what education they need. great-thingsThey can pick the courses that they want. They can graduate from whatever learning institution they are attending knowing that the will be happy and joyful going after the goal that they decided they want.

But without the self-image that says “I have greater talent and ability than I need to achieve exactly what it is I want” they’ll never succeed. Now read that statement again “I have greater talent and ability than I need to achieve exactly what it is I want”. There’s a winner’s voice. That’s the thought that makes great people great. It doesn’t mean that they’re conceited.   It means that they have a healthy respect and knowledge of themselves.

Attitude is the combination of our thoughts, feelings and actions. If our self-image is less than what it should be our thoughts will be less than what they can be, or feelings will not be good and our actions, therefore, won’t be much better. But with just a change in perception we can have the greatest of attitudes all day long that will allow us to achieve anything.

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude” ~Thomas Jefferson

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